Slow or Sluggish Software Response

Slow or Sluggish Software Response

Symptoms to look out for:

- Slow overall response time from UT software.
- Slow Open or Save actions.
- Saving data, either automatically or manually. This is performed locally on the UT PC or on a remote networked PC. If this action slows down enough, resuming UT testing and data collection  might get affected significantly enough to miss potential defects.
- Closing and Opening UT software takes longer than usual and doesn't improve things.

Causes and potential repairs:

- Never use a UT system computer for anything else as the settings might be specific to this application. Always image/backup the UT PC.
- Restarting the UT software might not always fix any lag issues, but its the first step in troubleshooting.
- Complete system wide restart should be preformed on a weekly basis. This is because these systems are used 24/7 and in most case interface with various networks.
- Never use UT PCs for any other purpose.This can limit the PC resources available to the UT software.
- Never install other software without the manufacturer knowing. These systems are highly specialized and modified. Installing other software could not only take resources away from the UT software but can also change crucial settings.
- Keep in mind, when restarting a UT computer, there might be a specific sequence to do so. This usually has to do with Networking and other software or systems the UT PC interacts with.

If you have more questions or concerns or any other issues, please contact our support at the link below or create a ticket.
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